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Prairie Breeze Estates is a new home development offering the space and security of country living with modern custom design and construction.  Join this environmentally sensitive neighbourhood located in Balmoral, Manitoba just nineteen minutes North of Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway (#101). The advantages of a welcoming rural community plus an easy drive to all that Winnipeg has to offer.


  • Energy-Aware Construction
    • Energy efficient materials and practices are a priority with all builders participating in Prairie Breeze Estates.
    • Electricity -- a clean, renewable power supply, is the source of energy throughout the community;
  • Conservation Standard
    • Drought-resistant shrubs and grasses or xeriscapes
    • Vegetable gardens, composting and recycling
    • Low-flo toilets and tap fixtures
  • And then there is the water…
    • Balmoral's reverse-osmosis filtration system delivers the purest drinking water possible.
    • Sewer connected directly to municipal system -- no holding tanks

Prairie Breeze Estates consists of fifty residential lots. Lot sizes and shapes strike a balance between the luxury of open spaces and sensible land use. A typical lot is approximately 85’ by 130’. The side yards have been set at a minimum of 10’ (at least 20’ clearance between homes).

Prairie Breeze Estates, it’s easy to love.

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Prairie Breeze Estates - New Homes With the Environment in Mind.

Prairie Breeze Estates is a new land and housing development in Balmoral, South Eastern Maniotba near Stonewall Manitoba.

Prairie Breeze Estates is devoted to being as kind and green to our environment as possible.

Contact: Henry P. Vroom, info@smallfaces Cell: 204-295-2866